• Measurement accuracy: 0.0012 mm (or 1.2 µm)
  • The largest piece we produce by turning: D = 1,800 mm; the smallest: D = 10 mm
  • The longest piece we machine: L = 2,500 mm
  • The longest piece we have produced: L = >6 m
  • Casting weight: from a couple of kilograms to more than two tons
  • Monthly casting output: 150 tons, on average
  • Furnace capacity: 5,000 kg/h
  • The number of different products produced every year: more than 2,000


  • Skilled personnel are the key to a company’s success.
  • In the recruitment of new staff, we always consider what abilities and competencies are needed now and will be required in the future.
  • Our production is backed by strong support functions, from finance and administration to maintenance.