Quality policy


  • Ensuring that our quality management system meets the requirements set forth in the ISO 9001 standard
  • Improving the work environment
  • Setting clear goals and objectives, and assessing our performance in achieving these
  • Training our staff well, thereby enabling them to bear responsibility for the quality of their own work
  • Selecting our suppliers and equipment in line with these principles
  • Creating and maintaining long-term collaborative partnerships
The quality of our work is continuously tested and approved by our numerous clients, who use our products in some of the world’s most demanding conditions. We are actively engaged in minimising the environmental impacts of our operations. Compliance with the current norms and standards is just the starting point for us, and we strive to exceed the requirements set forth in them.

We are committed to serving our clients by meeting their expectations. Every employee working for us or a company providing services or products for us has the responsibility for ensuring that the client’s requirements are fulfilled.

  • SPECTROMAXx analyser (chemical composition)
  • Nexus 3002 Brinell hardness tester (semi-automatic)
  • Zwick Z250RED tensile strength tester (SFS-EN ISO 6892-1)
  • Zeiss Duramax co-ordinate measuring machine (1.2 µm)
  • Romer Arm 7525 measurement device (25 µm)